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Nyquil Drink Recipes

History For Nyquil Drink Recipes

NyQuil was the product of 70 years of innovation on the side of Vicks, a business that had been manufacturing over-the-counter medicines of various varieties for battling colds, pneumonia, and other common sinus-related disorders for generations when it was first published in 1966.

During the Spanish Flu of 1918, Vicks’ other legendary product, Vaporub, became a breakout hit, tripling the company’s salve sales in a single year.

Ingredients For Nyquil Drink Recipes

  • 3/4 oz of Absolut vodka
  • 1/4 oz of Jagermeister herbal liqueur
  • Food Coloring

Instruction For Nyquil Drink Recipes

In a shot glass, combine the vodka and the Jagermeister.

Mix with a few drops of green food coloring before serving.

Nutrition Info For Nyquil Drink Recipes

Calories 93 Fat 0g
Carbs 19g Protein 0g

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