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Labanee Drink

History for Labanee Drink

To begin, Labanee, also known as Laban in the Middle East and North Africa, refers to a fermented milk meal or drink. Laban/Ayran (in Turkey) is a widely consumed beverage throughout the Middle East.

This delicious yogurt drink is created & offered in several parts of the world, as well as being manufactured commercially. The recipe of different parts of the world may differ.

Ingredients for Labanee Drink

  • 5-6 Cucumber Slices
  • 10-12 Mint Leaves
  • 1 cup Curd
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Water If required

Instructions for Labanee Drink

  1. Remove the peel off the cucumber and wash it.
  2. Cucumber should be cut into pieces.
  3. Cut into small chunks.
  4. Fill the mixing jar halfway with cucumber slices.
  5. 10-12 mint leaves, fresh
  6. Then stir in 1 cup curd or yogurt.
  7. 1/2 lemon juice should be added.
  8. After that, season with salt to taste.
  9. Blend it all together. If necessary, add a little water to thin it out.
  10. Place the serving glass on top of the dish.
  11. It’s time to eat. By adding some ice cubes, you may serve this cool.


Nutrition Facts for Labanee Drink










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