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Novacaine Drink

History for Novacaine Drink

François Hannibal d’Estrées, a marshall of artillery under French King Henry IV, revealed the recipe for this Elixir Vegetal to Carthusian monks around 1605.

The monks have kept their mystery through ups and downs, migrations and reunions, and were once creating Chartreuse in exile from Spain.

Ingredients for Novacaine Drink

  • 3/4 oz of Gin
  • 1/4 oz of green chartreuse
  • 1 1/2 oz of Pisang ambon liqueur
  • 2 oz of sparkling bitter lemon soda

Instructions for Novacaine Drink

Mix the Pisang, gin, and chartreuse with half a glass of crushed ice in a cocktail shaker, then strain into an old-fashioned glass. Served with the sharp lemon.

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