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Smurf With Tattoo

History For Smurf With Tattoo

A delicious recipe for Tattooed Smurf, with Blue Tattoo and blueberry schnapps, and Sprite and soda.

The name originated from Hefty Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Costaud) is a key character in the Smurfs comic books and animated series, and has been on the program throughout its duration.

Ingredients For Smurf With Tattoo

  • 2 oz Blue Tattoo blueberry schnapps
  • 10 oz Sprite soda

Instruction For Smurf With Tattoo

Pour sprite over ice, then mix in schnapps.

Nutrition Info For Smurf With Tattoo

Calories (kcal) 261 Sugars             0g
Energy (kj) 1092 Dietary Fiber 52.7g
Fats 0 g Protein
Potassium 52.8 g Vitamin C       –
Protein 0 g Calcium 8.5 g

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