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Texas Rattlesnake Drink

History for Texas Rattlesnake Drink

With Yukon Jack® Canadian whisky, cherry brandy, Southern Comfort® peach liqueur, & sweet and savory mix, this recipe for Texas Rattlesnake is fantastic. The Rattlesnake is an ancient cocktail from the London Cocktail Book that claims to “heal a rattlesnake bite, kill rattlesnakes, or make you see rattlesnakes.” Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, absinthe, and egg whites are the main ingredients.

Ingredients for Texas Rattlesnake Drink

1 part Yukon Jack Canadian whisky
1/2 part cherry brandy
1 part Southern Comfort peach liqueur
1 splash sweet and sour mix

Instructions for Texas Rattlesnake Drink

Mix all ingredients and Shake well. Sweet at first, with a BITE at the end
Serve in a Beer Mug.

Nutrition for Texas Rattlesnake Drink

Approximately 204 Calories

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