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Wop Recipe

A mixture of hard liquor, usually Vodka, and a mix of a fruit drink such as Kool-Aid or Hawaiian Punch.


The name came from an area known as “the Jungle” on the outskirts of the dry town that was home to bootlegging and other illicit activities. A 1925 column in the Fort Collins Independent referred to “jungle juice” as the “acid that made Fort Collins famous.”


Water is the main ingredient in all drinks for carbonates it is around 90% of a regular product and 98% of a low-calorie product. The majority of the water used in soft drinks production comes from mains water.

  • Hard liquor
  • Vodka
  • Kool-Aid
  • Hawaiian


Add one can of Mountain Dew (about 8 oz. of it should fit in an oz. cup). Adjust Vodka amount based on taste. Island Blue Kool-Aid works the best. The drink should appear almost nuclear green if mixed correctly.

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