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Million Dollar Drink

The Million Dollar Drink with, orange, lime, and pineapple juices.

The cocktail that will make you feel like you are in the air tonight with Phil Collins and Miami Beach.

The Million Dollar Drink is one of those drinks that’s all about the flavor, except for the part that’s about the color. It blends citrus, pineapple, lemon into a lovely orange liquid, it’s a fun drink to sip along with a meal, it’s also great as a night out.

Ingredients for The Million Dollar Drink

  • 2 shot Rutte dry gin
  • 1 shot Martini Rosso sweet vermouth
  • ½ shot pineapple juice
  • ¼ Giffard grenadine syrup
  • ½ shots egg white

Instructions for The Million Dollar Drink

First of all, fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice cubes and pour ice cubes into a glass.

Shake all ingredients with ice then add 2 shots of rutter dry gin, then add 1 shot Martini Rosso sweet vermouth, then add pineapple juice, then add Giffard grenadine syrup, at end add ½ shots off egg white. This drink is served in a coupe glass you can also garnish it with lemon zest twist and pineapple wedge on the rim.

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